New York Chinatown: Chinatown_Glick_45

Kam Ho Lee, an elderly Chinese man, sits on the stoop of his apartment building, reading the newspaper, with his gandson, Vincent Lee, sleeping in his lap.

Kam Ho Lee with his grandson, Vincent Lee, 9 Eldridge St., 1983. 

I returned and gave Kam Ho Lee a copy of this photo. I took more photos in their apartment of him with his grandchildren and his father. The boy, Vincent Lee, contacted me in 2016 after seeing the photograph online. He is 39 years old now (June 2019). Vincent remembers that his grandfather came from Cuba. “He spoke Spanish. He worked in a restaurant and he came to New York in 1965. When he came to New York he retired. He would just be babysitting us when we were all young and our parents were working,” Vincent recalls.